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- As a general guide for calculating footage, please note the following information. -

A 3 inch roll of film = 50 feet.   A 5 inch roll of film = 200 feet.   A 7 inch roll of film = 400 feet.

You will need the following amount of hard drive space for
50 feet of 8mm or 100 feet of 16mm:

Standard definition video -  approximately 1.5 gigs
720p HD video
-  approximately 2.5 gigs
1080p HD video - approximately 4.25 gigs
720p Image Sequence - approximately 2 gigs
1080p Image Sequence - approximately 4.25 gigs

These are estimates only. Good practice allows for 40% open headroom on all video drives.

If you already know how much film you have and are ready to order, use the order form link below.
Typical time from receipt of your materials until we ship is about 30 days. This time frame is not
guaranteed, however, so specific delivery times must be agreed to in writing.

For an order form click HERE.

If you are unsure about how much film you have, you can send in your materials
and we will calculate a quote for you.

For a quote form click HERE.

If you wish to have us make a free test transfer, please click on the test transfer link.
Please print and return with your films. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself for future reference.

For a free test transfer form click HERE.

If you have any questions, please email us at .

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